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My name is Mikaela Sinclair Brandon.

My pronouns are (she/her).

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in the United States. 

More specifically, I am a writer, performer, choreographer, educator, and advanced yoga practitioner. Much of my work involves exploring myself as an energetic being in space.


I began formal dance training at the age of three, under the direction and mentorship of Cleo Mack at Washington Rock Dance in Warren, NJ.

Since then, I have received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

in Dance with a Minor in Psychology from

Fordham University/The Ailey School in New York, NY.


I attract spaces that value creativity, community-based learning, and equitable initiatives.

I am interested in how We, as a Collective, can have more of

a holistic, embodied experience within the oppressive frameworks of society and culture.


© 2020 Natalia Roberts

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