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a film commissioned by Coalesce Virtual Dance Collective, exploring the idea of "walking on eggshells" when discussing race.

premiered June 27, 2020.

a 21-minute work exploring themes of race, class, and revolution, while seeking to depict what triggered my senses while living as a commuter in New York City.

premiered March 7, 2019.

a work exploring themes of

motherhood and journey.


premiered February 21, 2019.

a work exploring themes of

nothingness and creation.


premiered November 1, 2018.

a co-choreographed work

exploring themes of tension and possibility.


premiered February 22, 2018.

a work exploring themes of womanhood, vulnerability, and collective strength.


premiered February 22, 2018.

my first official work exploring themes of sorrow and joy.


premiered February 22, 2017.

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